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Margarita Island, Venezuela- Paradise on Earth
Have you ever been to world’s paradise that has clear blue water with landscape loaded with natural beauty and white sand beaches on which you can walk for miles? Well, we are talking about Margarita Island Venezuela of South America! If you want a place that has perfect weather all around the year, it’s the right place!
Margarita Island Venezuela is located near Caribbean Sea and hurricane zone. Till late 1960s and 1970s era, the beach was never designed for tourists and other people coming over for the vacations. Slowly, after the years, their government started investing in their industry and slowly, Margarita Island Venezuela was made into a paradise of earth.
During the developments, many flights from all over the world were scheduled for this tourist destination like UK and USA along with connected flights along with ferries from mainland. The overall environment of Margarita Island Venezuela is very welcoming and tourism cost is comparatively lower than other tourist destinations. You can see beaches of white sand with natural beauty of palm trees that will totally make you fall in love with landscape.

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Margarita Island, Venezuela


Among the most common sports activities include hiking and trekking. Moreover, they are many tourists’ resorts and parks that have the best facilities for sports activities. Due to the beach, wind surfing is very common among in these areas as well. The sandy beaches are an invitation for all those who have interest in wind surfing activities. On weekends, there are huge crowds at beaches who want to enjoy their time on beach. The beaches are kept clean and maintained throughout the year especially in peak seasons. The popular beaches for wind surfing are Peninsula de Araya and resort on Isla Margarita that are visited many tourists all around the year.
The north western side of Margarita Island Venezuela is popular for scuba diving and snorkeling. The other popular sports include banana boats, jet skiing and water skiing.
The beaches are also famous for kite surfing activities as well. Many local and foreign people take part in kite surfing activities especially on the beaches of Moroccoy. Such areas have best sea breezes that help the kite surfer balance his kite on sky.




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Margarita Island

Places like Margarita Island, also titled as Pearl of Caribbean, has an average temperature of almost 27 C throughout the year. The overall area has been developed properly for the tourist attraction with latest facilities and other leisure activities for the guests. Such facilities include shops, sports activity areas, golf courses, bars, restaurants, resorts and many more. The unique thing about this area is that, there are almost 106 beaches in Margarita Island Venezuela, the coast line of 106 miles. This is because, every year the number of tourists is increasing and for their better accommodation and facilities, such measures have to be taken. An increase in number of beaches makes sure that no beach remains crowded even during the peak timings of the year so that people can enjoy their private activities on beach easily.